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H.A.B.I.T.S begin from birth. How we approach every facet of our lives. The goal is to, luck a great trainer and coach does, tear down the unnecessary ignorance we've all been fed since we burped on someone's shoulder. Shake off the old ways and redundant ways which have handcuffed us all by killing the enemy of bad habits. We will challenge the accepted thoughts on business, money, sex, race or whatever guests and I feed into as part of the H.A.B.I.T.S program...
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Feb 4, 2016

By applying our HABITS principles to address an age old problem, perhaps we may solve something that generations of people have not or, at the very least come up with something new.  Untried but worth the view. After all, if we keep kicking the bucket down the road, we will eventually run out of road. 

Sure in the African American community, the month of February is part of celebrating the rich history of the community.  However, the legacy of what slavery (which ironically comes from the Slavic people of Eastern Europe who were used as the indentured servant class due to economics and historical wars) and it's impact had on the world and whose residue is still here, it is time to think differently.  As Einstein noted, it is insane to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  We have seen people marching, protesting, rioting, passing laws, calling for calm, etc.   However, the idea of change must come from changing HABITS not JUST actions.   The habits lead the actions.

So let's try to manage it all. Why?  Let me correct that…let’s not try to manage but let’s just LEAD!  Lead by changing today by ACTing today.  You can’t change everyone’s mind about a tough issue.  Many will say they’re not causing the problem but are truly reaping the benefits of it.  Others will want to but not know how and that's the beauty of the system:

  • H    admit this nation needs help
  • A    address and adjust attitude (perceptions, myths, media fed concepts)
  • B    now reform beliefs that were altered by our attitude
  • I     invest in changing our soul/mind/heart
  • T     it will take time but ACT now
  • S    be a better SELF

So...labor through the first half set up in all of it's pain and then at the 17 minute mark, get into solutions...